Protein Skimmer Conversion Kit for Jebao 6000-15000 series pumps

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Upgrade your skimmer pump with cheap and silent Jebao DC pumps.  DC pumps allow you to adjust power level for your sized skimmer.  This conversion kit allow you to convert your Jebao DC series pump into skimmer pump with needle/mesh impeller and volute.

I've made a 3D printed skimmer and tested on Jebao DC pumps.  Since I only have 6" diameter acrylic tube, I tested the conversion kit with additional printed parts.  Below shows the individual parts and I reused my old Coralife Skimmer's collection cup.  Tests show great air/water ratio.  However when I tried it on my reef tank even with DC 6000 pump, it was just too strong for the 6" diameter skimmer body.  Too much micro bubbles was released into the sump.


Here's a test with DC9000 pump with fresh water and 2 drops of dish washer soap.  I did not put the silencer on for this test.  :)


Here's just the Jebao DC-9000 with the 3D printed needle impeller and open style volute mixing fresh 50gal saltwater:

Here's the installation guide video for old Jebao DC pumps:



I've upgraded an Eshopp large cone skimmer with Jebao DCP-10000 pump:



Installation Tools Required:



Important Updates:

I have made improvements to the needle impeller.  To take advantage of the 3D printing, I added meshes to the needles.  This improves the bubble shredding performance and improve durablility.  Now when installing, you can actually squeeze the impeller and not worry it'll break.


Note:  Because the newer Jebao pumps have slightly wider shaft and the impeller are friction fitted, impeller spacers will no longer be included.  To install, align the impeller shaft and insert with some pressure.  Then place the 3D printed impeller on the ground and use a rubber mallet to gentally tap the shaft into the impeller.  Check between every tap to make sure the shaft do not go in too far.  Double check to make sure impeller will not rub against the pump housing when installed.


I've also made improvements to the volute to prevent bubble cavitation from forming at the water inlet.  This improvement remove the need to adjust the volute water inlet size and makes tuning easier.

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